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GIO MORETT:I At the forefront of fashion since 1970

There are numerous dilemmas in the world of fashion : which fabrics and cuts to choose, which trends will become more popular two seasons from now. But there is one that calls into question the very existence of fashion: play according to commercial rules and the desires of the public or let yourself be guided by your own vision ? The first path is the most predictable and profitable, but only the second path is capable of opening up new horizons and, finally, generating that spark that in twenty years will continue to push young women to spend their savings on a couture bag. This is the magic behind the shop that Gio Moretti opened in 1970 in via della Spiga.

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Where we are

Via della Spiga, 4


Phone 02 7600 3186


Opening Hours

MON - SAT 10.00-19.00

Sunday 11.00-13.30 - 14.30-19.00