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Gio Moretti

Historic boutique in the heart of Milan's quadrilateral, 1,500 square metres at number 4 Via della Spiga, completely renovated with a restyling that has made the space "a real fashion gallery". The store has three floors, a blaze of white interrupted by the chromatic shock of a series of magnificent works of art. The ground floor is dedicated to the women's collections, the jewellery and footwear corner. The island of flowers is immediately striking, the installation that has always been Gio Moretti's calling card. The upper floor offers more contemporary women's collections, while the lower floor is dedicated to men's collections and an area dedicated to special books on fashion and photography.

Where we are

Via della Spiga, 4


Phone 02 7600 3186


Opening Hours

MON - SAT 10.00-19.00

Sunday 11.00-13.30 - 14.30-19.00